Our Opportunity

No experience needed. No enrollment fees.
Earn 100% commission (or more)

Getting started is simple: Choose the starter kit that make the most sense for you. You will also get a referral code (you’ll see why down below).

Kit 1 starts at only $ 32.35 with free shipping. This kit contains 5 cartridges ready to sell for $12.95 each (you pay $6.47 for one cartridge. That’s a 100% mark up)!

Kit 2 contains 10 cartridges + 1 cartridge Free (a 12,95 dollars value)

Kit 3 contains 50 cartridges + 5 cartridges Free (a 64.75 dollars value)

Imagine having the ability to earn $25, $50 or more in cash each day?

Have friends? Co-workers? Family members?

If you already use or sell Tox Out +, you’re probably going to buzz about it. Right?

But did you know you could actually get money to refer friends?

Yes we have an awesome refer-a-friend program:

Each time you refer a friend who signs up using your referral code, not only will she/he get extra cartridge(s) on her/his purchase, but you’ll get also Free cartridge(s) ready to sell. (See table on the right)


Choose below the Kit that makes the most sense for you


By ordering one of the three kits, you acknowledge that you agree to and understand the Independent Distributor Agreement of our Independent Distributor program.