What is TOX OUT + ?


Cigarette shaped, patented invention, TOX OUT + is the world’s first product that reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in your cigarettes when placed in your cigarettes pack. TOX OUT + functions like a vacuum cleaner; it ’sucks’ the harmful chemicals from your cigarettes. The chemicals then become attached to TOX OUT + and are trapped inside the cartridge, just like the dust in the vacuum bag.

TOX OUT + has the ability to draw toxins and poisonous compounds out from tobacco by locking them up, and countering their noxious effect.

Each TOX OUT + cartridge contains a patented formula of minerals enhanced by a solution of hyper accumulator plants that reduces the amount of poisonous chemicals in your cigarette. And, what’s amazing is that there are zero side-effects to using this product and importantly it doesn’t change the taste of your cigarettes.

TOX OUT + is 100% natural, organic and completely non-toxic.